How to delete orders in Magento ?

Often when you have sample data or test order you need to find out how to delete magento orders. Unfortunately in the default magento package this options is not available and there is reason for it. Because ability magento delete order can affect reports data and accidentally somebody can delete real order without ability to get it back. However if you have separate accounts for customer service and admin of magento you can give ability to delete order only for certain users using magento User Roles.

How to set this roles?

For settings up admin roles you need to open System - Permissions - Roles . There you can add new admin role and Role resources specify what actions or pages will be available for admin user. After setting up magento roles open tab Role users and select users you want to apply this roles.

Anyway But How can I remove order? or How magento delete orders?

There are a few extensions which allows to achieve it, some of them becomes expensive around $70 or more. But for this purpose we have solution for you, this is our extension Delete Order. This extension allows you to delete one single order or delete few orders using magento order mass actions. Also in case you afraid that somebody from admin users can delete orders by the incident you can specify admin roles for this admin user to not allows perform delete action.

Would like to see how it works? Check out YouTube demo!

Created On January 12, 2015
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