404 Errors Log

Extension Logs all 404 requests to pages, shows current status of Cron tasks, shows Cron jobs enabled on the site, shows Magento Error Reports.
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The Extension logs all 404 errors. The errors are shown as a grid at the new admin menu System->Error Log. Also, it shows the current status of cron tasks, so you can check if cron is working and when the last cron task was executed. Error Log extension also has the ability to check what schedulers exist at your Magento website. It gathers information from all extensions and Magento core modules and shows all crontab definitions and their frequency.

Also, you can view Magento error reports from the var/report folder of Magento root. If any error reports exist, it would be shown in the Error Log grid. You can use it to check the health status of your website.

Magento 1 End Of Life

The Support of Magento 1 ended at June 2020 and this module does not get any updates. We did publish the module source code "as is" at the GitHub, the link will be available at the Specification tab. The code is free to use or contribution.


  • Find at all visitors who get 404 (Not Found) pages and make the redirect for them
  • You're aable to see the IP of the customer who got to the 404 (not found) page, and thelocation from where it links to the website
  • Easy way to view all scheduled cron tasks and their errors in case there any.
  • The easy way to check what cron jobs you have enabled on the the site. It allows you to prevent the execution of tasks which may affect your customers.
  • The easy way to view all Magento error report files generated. This helps keep you store health up to date and monitor issues happening with the store.
  • Ability to delete scheduled cron tasks. This will help you keep database clean without stacked cron tasks.
  • Ability to delete scheduled Magento default error reports. This will help you keep reports folder clean without old log files which take additional space.
More Information
Magento Compatibility 1.9.x
License GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL-3.0)
GitHub https://github.com/sashas777/m1-modules
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