Login as a Customer

The extension allows admin user login as customer at the frontend by clicking “Login as Customer” button at the customer edit page.


The extension add new button “Login as Customer” the to admin customer edit page. By clicking this button you will automatically login as this customer at the frontend of the website and will see customer dashboard page.

There are option for save log of logins as customer. It can be accessed at the System->Configuration->Tools->Login as Customer Log. There you can view which adminaccount was signed in as customer and what time it happened. There are also status of action it can be success or fail depend of end login result.

If you need that some of your admin account didn't have this ability you can specify it at the Magento® admin ACL roles by unchecking Login as Customer checkbox under the customer ACL role group.

Magento 1 End Of Life

The Support of Magento 1 ended at June 2020 and this module does not get any updates. We did publish the module source code "as is" at the GitHub, the link will be available at the Specification tab. The code is free to use or contribution.


  • Ability set ACL permissions for different admin users
  • You can enable log for logins as customer action
  • View customer cart and other action from customer account
  • Automatic log clean each night at 1:00am
  • Admin settings for logs
  • Easy to install & use

Make sure that you have compilation disabled before installing extension. System > Tools > Compilation page and click on Disable button. After Installation you can enable compilation back.

More Information
Magento Compatibility 1.9.x
License GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL-3.0)
GitHub https://github.com/sashas777/m1-modules
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