Magento Android Manager

The extension gives ability to process orders from the Android application.


It shows magento dashboard charts and gives ability to scan tracking number from label. For getting it working you have to install magento extension into you system and create API credentials for phone user.

Please notice this is the first release of extension

Magento 1 End Of Life

The Support of Magento 1 ended at June 2020 and this module does not get any updates. We did publish the module source code "as is" at the GitHub, the link will be available at the Specification tab. The code is free to use or contribution.

Android Application

You can download it at the Android marketplace


  • Magento dashboard charts for last orders/amounts
  • View list of the last orders
  • Filter order list by the date
  • View order info: general information, customer information, shipping & billing addresses, payment information, items information
  • Add comment to Order/Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo
  • Ability to Invoice/Ship/Refund order
  • Order can be: holded, unholded, canceled
  • Ability to show Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos for selected order
  • Invoice can be canceled, captured
  • Credit Memo can be canceled
  • Ability to remove or add tracking number for shipment
  • Ability to scan shipping tracking label and add to the shipment
  • Notifications to customer can be sent optionally
  • Support multiple Magento stores in one application
  • Auto login once credentials are saved
  • New order notification

Make sure that you have compilation disabled before installing extension. System > Tools > Compilation page and click on Disable button. After Installation you can enable compilation back.

More Information
Magento Compatibility 1.9.x
License GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL-3.0)
GitHub ||
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