Magento 2 Login As Customer

Magento 2 X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect headers
When you have a Magento 2 store which server large files you may encounter the issue where download process breaks after 1GB of file. This issue may be solved if you will use X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect headers for Apache and NGINX web servers.

Magento 2.1.3 How To Make Customer Attribute
We had the post for pre-release Magento 2 - "How to make customer attribute?". After this time Magento has several updates and we did update of files according to the latest Magento 2.1.3 release. The more detailed information can be found in the previous article.

Top 7 Magento 2 CLI commands You Need To Know
The Magento 2 CLI introduced powerful mode where you can perform various actions. In this article, we will review the 7 most important CLI commands for your store. We will be using for this example Magento 2.1.3 CLI version. Magento team continuously change CLI and this information may change for future releases.

Magento 2 Admin Url Not Found
The issue is similar to Magento 1.x which we posted last year. It happens when you migrate a database from one instance to another. In this case frontend of the website loads without issues but when you try to open Magento 2 Admin it will show the error 404 Not Found.

Magento 2 System
Magento 2 Admin Tutorial System Section. At this section we can review Magento 2 system options like Cache Cleaning, Magento Indexers and Combine CSS & JS options.

Magento 2 Stores
Magento 2 Admin Tutorial Stores Section. At this section we can set store configuration. We can add/edit or remove store views. We can manage attributes and Magento 2 attribute sets.

Magento 2 Reports
Magento 2 Admin Tutorial Report Section. This section will show reports which pretty similar to report we used to have at the Magento 1.x

Magento 2 Admin Content
Magento 2 Admin Tutorial Content Section. At this episode we will review CMS Blocks, CMS Pages and Widgets from Magento 2 Admin Content Section.